Who We Are

The Economic Observatory of Wine Tourism of Argentina (OETV Argentina) is established within the framework of a Technical Assistance Agreement between the National Institute of Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR), the Argentine Wine Corporation (COVIAR), and the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires (FCE-UBA), forming a technical work space that integrates the public, private and academic sectors.

Its objective is to produce statistical information about the evolution, performance and economic impact of Wine Tourism in our country, which allows improving decision-making and monitoring, based on a unique methodology and the highest quality standard.

It is based on a collaborative work model through a network of local technical referents from provinces and municipalities, who are in charge of carrying out the surveys for the collection of information and the loading of this will be carried out in a single database centralized.

The OETV Argentina study object are both the wine tourism cluster of the different destinations that make up the Observatory network and the visitors who travel to those destinations to carry out wine tourism activities:

  • The supply study seeks to identify the economic units, the distribution and concentration of supply, the jobs held and the degree of competitiveness.
  • The demand study seeks to know the volume and flow of wine tourists, the number of visits to wineries, the profile and behavior of wine tourists, their consumption habits, their expectations and their level of satisfaction.
  • According to the World Tourism Organization (2019), Wine Tourism is a subtype of gastronomic tourism, which refers to tourism whose motivation is to visit vineyards and wineries, perform tastings, consume and / or buy wine, often in the place in that occurs or in its vicinity.